Stem Cell Therapy in Autism

Stem Cell Therapy in Autism

By Magnus Admin Oct 08, 2018

Autism is a neural disorder. It is characterised by impaired social interactions, mood alteration, communication, metabolic and digestive issues. Stem cell therapy is a simple and completely safe procedure. It requires only injections and no surgery is needed. Stem cells repair and regenerate the damaged cells in the brain of the autism patients by following mechanism:

  • Stem cells release growth factors that have a healing and regenerative effect on damaged tissue.
  • Stem cells help to regulate the immune balance in autism.
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  • Stem cells stimulate the angiogenesis process which leads to formation of new blood vessels. This increases the blood supply to damaged tissue.
  • Stem cells convert to the same type of tissue cells where they are implanted. This replaces the damaged non functional tissue.
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  • Main purpose of Stem cells therapy is to replace damaged cells by using healthy cells. This improves the quality of life.