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Help your wife beat Breast Cancer #IWontLeaveYou

Breast Cancer is life and relationship threating trauma. Here’s the guidance for every man to know how best to support your partner after their breast cancer journey

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Breast Cancer is life and relationship threating trauma. Even the best relationship can be challenged by cancer. when breast cancer strikes someone, it is not an individual affair it becomes a family affair. It is very painful to watch your wife going through breast cancer. Husbands may find themselves in a difficult position for supporting their life partner while dealing with their distress. what does the partner of breast cancer patient care the most? despite the fear and stress, about the treatment or cost the answer is simple, about their loved ones, their wife is alive and feeling well is the most caring and satisfying thing for any husband.

Some men feel powerless or give in to their selfishness and leave a relationship due to cancer. while your wife feeling less attractive dealing with worry, anxiety, and maybe even guilt. There are many men in this world for them a loss or alteration of a breast is almost meaningless in contrast. Caring partners see their lovers as being more than the sum of those parts.

While there is no definite rule of how you can support your wife during her breast cancer journey. surely, there are few tips that show how you can support your loved one and yourself through these crucial times.

Breast Cancer

How does breast cancer affect marriage?

Breast cancer affects each marriage differently. Although stories like Judith Sheenah illustrate a beautiful component of her marriage, not all husbands will respond in the same manner as Kyamutetera Muhereza. Each man will experience a deep array of emotional state and dealing with breast cancer within the marriage. Support your wife in identifying and expressing her feelings. Watching a loved one suffer can be difficult for any partner. Your wife may be fearful that they won’t be survived or will not be the same after treatment. Many women worry that their husband will not be attracted to them after their body has been affected by surgery or treatments; Tell your wife that #IWontLeaveYou, these magical worlds can give her a strength to survive and feel well.


Talking and listening to each other is a basic of any relationship. But many people do not have a clue about how to talk about as big as cancer. Communication is key to a thriving marriage. Receiving breast cancer diagnosis, good communication becomes even more essential. Make time to connect with your spouse as well as listen to what your spouse how she is feeling. If face to face sharing your thought is difficult then write your feelings down and share with your spouse.

Support Her

A spouse should take care of travel through difficulties of receiving a diagnosis and treatment together. Let your wife know that you care about her opinions on decisions regarding the treatment process. Sometimes your partner just wants to talk about everyday things. sometimes talking normal conversation can help you both feel that cancer hasn't taken over your life. The connection with your wife will be a blessing during this painful journey.

The side effect of cancer treatment can often make it more difficult to continue with everyday activities. Offering to do tasks such as shopping, cooking, laundry or gardening can be a very useful and practical way of offering support. Your partner may also find it supportive if you go to an appointment with her. You might find it difficult to attend appointments as you are working. Find out how long your partner will be in the hospital and how long any treatment sessions will last. Try to come up with suitable arrangements with your employer, many companies give paid unpaid holidays, while others are more flexible.

Provide emotional support

It is really hard to go through chemotherapy. Chemotherapy comes with many side effects. Just listen and let her tell you all about how bad she is feeling and all the symptoms they’re having and encourage them to go through it. A person going through treatment is in a very vulnerable position. So, you need to be strong and steady for them. Your wife needs to count on you on her lowest point.

Despite the situation try to keep your daily life as familiar as possible. Even if it’s just watching TV shows that you like. Don’t try to make your life all about chemo and the treatment.

Breast Cancer surviour

Sex and Intimacy

Begin diagnosed with breast cancer will certainly affect how your partner feels about sex and intimacy. Changes in the body of your pattern may also affect how you feel about them sexually. Getting used to these changes will help make being intimate easier. You both may feel to have sex but might have felt nervous about it. If you are frightened about the intimacy, let your partner know how you feel. Otherwise, they might think you don't find them sexually attractive anymore and feel rejected. You both can discuss and explore the way to be intimate that is comfortable and satisfying for you both.

Changes to your relationship

When your wife diagnosed with breast cancer it often changes your relationship with her. Some couple becomes closer to each other. At times you may feel trapped and consider ending the relationship, these feeling mostly occur if you and your partner had problems before the breast cancer. Talking through your difficulties will help resolve your issues. Counseling is one more option, many people don’t like the idea of counselling but discussing your feelings with someone impartial can help you work towards resolving your differences. Psychology professionals are trained to listen and to help people deal with their cancer situation.


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