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Cochlear Implant Surgery

If you have a problem in hearing or you are deaf, cochlear implant surgery may help you get back the sounds you miss. It's small electronic device that partially restores hearing

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If you have problem in hearing or you are deaf, cochlear implant surgery may help you get back the sounds you miss. It is a small electronic device that partially restores hearing. It is not like hearing aid which makes the sound louder. Cochlear is a small device a sound processor which doctor fits behind your ear through surgery. This device sends impulses directly to the auditory nerve which carries sounds to the brain. The processor captures sound signals and transmits them to a receiver implanted under the skin behind the ear. the receiver sends the signal to the snail-shaped inner ear. then the signal stimulates the auditory nerve which directs them to the brain.

The implant doesn’t make you sound normally. it usually helps you to hear sounds such as telephones, doorbells, and alarms. People who have profound hearing loss can understand the speech in person or over the telephone better than they did hear with hearing aid.

  • Adults and children who lost hearing after learning to speak also benefit from cochlear implants.
  • Ability to hear speech without needing visual speech like reading lips.
  • Everyday environmental sounds.
  • Ability to listen in a noisy environment.
  • Ability to find where sounds are coming from.
  • Ability to hear television programs and telephone conversations.

Cochlear Implant surgery

Cochlear implant surgery, who is eligible?

  1. Hearing loss that is so severe.
  2. No medical conditions increase the risks associated with cochlear implants.
  3. A clear understanding of what cochlear implants is and what it can and cannot do for hearing.

Advantage of cochlear implant

If you have a severe hearing problem than a cochlear implant can be a life-changing experience for you. The results aren't the same for everyone.

  1. Able to hear speech at a normal level.
  2. Able to understand speech without lip-reading.
  3. It’s easier to talk on the phone.
  4. You can easily hear the TV.
  5. You may be able to hear the music better than earlier.

Risk of Cochlear Implant

  • The risk may include.
  • Facial paralysis.
  • Infection at the surgery site.
  • Balance problems.

    Can children get them?

Children can get the device starting at the age 1. Child who was diagnosed with significant loss of hearing they should get it as soon as possible. The implant in early childhood helps children expose new sound during they learn speech and language skills.

The device work best who have:

  • A child who has profound hearing loss in both the ear.
  • A hearing aid is not helping A child who is healthy and who have no medical problems that would make surgery risky.
  • A child is ready to learn how to communicate with a cochlear implant.
  • A child is younger than 5 years.
  • Join in intensive speech therapy to teach speaking skills.

cochlear implant surgery India

A study shows that children who get a cochlear implant before 18 months have seen a major improvement in their learning.

How to prepare

For Cochlear implantation, general anaesthesia will be given to you and you will be asleep during the procedure. before the surgery, the patient has to stop taking temporary medication and doctor will guide you about the eating and drinking time before the implant. The patient will get a thorough medical evaluation to determine a cochlear implant is a good option or not.

  • Tests of hearing, speech.
  • Physical examination to assess the health of the inner ear.
  • Another test like CT or MRI imaging of the skull to access the cochlear.
  • Psychological testing to determine your ability to learn to use cochlear implants. During the procedure, the surgeon will make a small incision behind your ear and a slight depression in the skull bone where the internal device rests. The surgeon will then create a small hole in the cochlea then the doctor will thread the electrode array of the internal device through this hole. The incision is stitched closed and the internal device is under the skin

After the procedure, you will get a discharge on the same day or next day. You need to visit a doctor after one week to remove the stitches. The cochlear implant device won’t turn on until two to six weeks after the surgery just to give you a set time to heal.


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