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Cirrhosis and Your Liver

Cirrhosis is a late stage of scarring of the liver caused by long-term exposure to toxins such as alcohol or viral infections. best liver hospital in India

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Cirrhosis is a late stage of scarring of the liver caused by long-term exposure to toxins such as alcohol or viral infections. The liver is located on the upper right side of the abdomen below the ribs. Whenever liver injured whether by injury, or excessive alcohol consumption or some other cause it tries to repair by itself and forms tough scar tissue. when too much scar tissues build up the organ cannot work right.

The body function of the liver:

  • It produces bile, which helps absorb dietary fats, cholesterol, and vitamins A, D, E, and K.
  • Store sugar and nutrition for later use.
  • purifying the blood by removing toxins.
  • Creating blood clotting proteins. Cirrhosis is the condition that causes the scars tissues to gradually replace your healthy liver cells. when cirrhosis progress, more and more scar tissue forms and make it difficult for the liver to function. The liver damaged by cirrhosis cannot be undone. But if the cirrhosis is diagnosed early then early causes can be treated to prevent the future damaged.

Liver Cirrhosis Symptoms

You may not notice symptoms early but as the times goes the damaged of your liver goes worse and you notice things

  • Fatigue and weakness.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • weight loss.
  • Itchy skin.
  • Nausea.
  • Pain.
  • Blotchy palms.

If the cirrhosis progress following sign and symptoms may appear

  • Bleeding gums.
  • Hair loss.
  • Jaundice.
  • Loss of sex drive.
  • Dizziness.
  • Confusion.
  • Accelerated heartbeats.
  • Memory problem.
  • Breathlessness.
  • Urine becomes darker.
  • Vomiting blood.
  • Problems with walking and mobility.


Common Causes of Cirrhosis

The most common causes of cirrhosis are hepatitis C infection and chronic alcohol abuse. Obesity can be a risk factor or in combination with hepatitis C and alcoholism. According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease (USA), Cirrhosis can be developed in women who can drink more than two alcoholic drinks per day and for a man who drinks more than three drinks a day for years. The amount differs for every person to person and this doesn’t mean that every person who drunks more than a few drinks will develop cirrhosis.

Hepatitis C can be contracted through intercourse or exposure to infected blood. Hepatitis C s possible to be exposed to infected blood through contaminated needles such as tattooing, piercing, needle sharing.

Some other causes are:

  • Fat accumulating in the liver.
  • The iron build-up in the body.
  • Cystic fibrosis.
  • Copper accumulated in the liver.
  • sugar metabolism.
  • primary biliary cirrhosis.
  • Medications including methotrexate or isoniazid.
  • An infection like syphilis, brucellosis.
  • Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency.
  • Certain genetic digestive disorders.
  • reactions to certain medications.
  • Nausea.

Stags of Cirrhosis

Cirrhosis is graded on a scale called the Childs-Pugh score.

  • A : Relatively mild.
  • B : Moderate.
  • C : Severe.

Your doctor will tell you what stage your cirrhosis is in. Doctor classify cirrhosis either compensated or decompensated. If you have compensated cirrhosis, it means the liver has scares but it still can perform its key functions and you might notice its symptoms. If your doctor says you have decompensated, it means your liver is badly scarred and isn't working right and you probably have a lot of symptoms here.

How cirrhosis is diagnosed

Diagnosis begins with a detailed medical history and physical examination. The physical examination can show sign such as:

  • Pale skin.
  • Jaundice.
  • Reddened palms.
  • Hand tremors.
  • An enlarged liver or spleen.
  • Small testicles.
  • Excess breast tissue (in men).
  • Dalertness.


The test will show how damaged the liver is.

  • To reveal anemia- complete blood count.
  • To show blood clots- coagulation blood tests.
  • Albumin test for a protein produced in the liver.
  • liver function tests.
  • Cancer screening- alpha-fetoprotein.

    Additional test

  • Ultrasound scan of the liver.
  • MRI of the abdomen.
  • CT scan of the abdomen.
  • upper endoscopy.
  • Liver biopsy.


  • Staying within recommended daily and weekly alcohol limits.
  • A person who has cirrhosis should completely avoid alcohol. As alcohol accelerates the progression of the disease..
  • prevention is often considered as the best form of treatment. As cirrhosis cannot be reversed or repaired once it reaches a certain stage..
  • hepatitis B and C-.
  • Do not share needle when injecting drugs.
  • Use protection when having sex.
  • Maintained a healthy weight.
  • Stay up to date with vaccines.


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